Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Louisiana Sex Offender Arrested in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA – In 1987, Ira Anthony Boudreaux was convicted in the Eastern District of Louisiana (E/LA) of Conspiracy and Extortion for the aggravated kidnapping of a 3 year-old boy. The kidnapping was designed by Boudreaux and several coconspirators to obtain a large ransom. The child was eventually recovered safely after being abandoned in a sugar cane field. Boudreaux received a 40-year sentence and is on parole until 2032.

In March 2012, Boudreaux violated the conditions of his parole and was sentenced to 14 months. Boudreaux was released from Bureau of Prisons (BOP) custody Dec.13, 2014, with instructions to report to the BOP Volunteers of America Halfway House in New Orleans. He never showed up at the halfway house. Instead, he made contact with a female associate. The female, who was still on federal probation in E/LA, reported this information to the U.S. Marshals Service.

An investigation ensued with the Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force, New Orleans Division, to locate and apprehend Boudreaux. Team members developed information that Boudreaux had obtained a Dodge Durango. With assistance from Technical Operations Group and Financial Surveillance Group, the team learned March 23 that Boudreaux was in Dahlonega. Deputy U.S. Marshal James Smith was contacted for immediate assistance.

Early in the morning of March 24 Smith, along with officers from Hall and Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Officer, and members of the Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force, located the Dodge Durango in a parking lot of a Wal-Mart in Dahlonega. Boudreaux was located sleeping inside the vehicle and was arrested without incident.

Boudreaux is currently in BOP custody. The Parole Commissioner shall determine if Boudreaux has violated the conditions of his release, and if so, whether a revocation hearing is necessary. If convicted, Boudreaux may have his parole revoked and could serve the remainder of his sentence in custody.

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