Thursday, November 08, 2018

Corrections Strategic Research Plan for 2018-2023

The National Institute of Justice's new Corrections Strategic Research Plan defines research priorities and objectives for the upcoming years. By advancing multidisciplinary research and connecting researchers and practitioners, NIJ will be better able to inform the nation's corrections leaders, juvenile justice and criminal justice personnel, and policymakers.
The plan describes current and projected efforts to assist corrections practitioners and policymakers with enhancing public safety in three priority areas for promoting and supporting research:
  • Strategic Priority I: Optimize workforce development for corrections personnel. NIJ will promote research to identify the challenges and promising practices of workforce recruitment and development and examine the impact of training, education and technologies on the corrections workforce.
  • Strategic Priority II: Enhance corrections practices. NIJ will support research on corrections systems operations, leadership, and strategies and practices to optimize organizational performance.
  • Strategic Priority III: Examine the experiences of individuals involved with the corrections system. NIJ seeks to advance knowledge about offender decision-making, the process of desistance and offender reintegration.
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