Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Solicitation: Research and Evaluation on Drugs and Crime

The Drugs and Crime Research Program furthers the Department’s crime prevention and law enforcement goals by supporting research on drug-related crime to promote effective law enforcement, court, and corrections responses to illegal drug markets (including diversion of legal drugs) and criminal behavior related to drug use. This funding opportunity seeks proposals to conduct applied research that examines criminal justice tools, protocols, and policies concerning drug trafficking, markets and use, applicable to State, tribal and local jurisdictions.

NIJ has identified two drug priorities:
1.         Heroin and other opioids (including diverted prescription drugs)
2.         Novel psychoactive substances (also known as synthetic drugs)

Applications must address one of two research categories:
1.         Criminal investigation and prosecution (including narcotics enforcement, forensic science, and medicolegal death investigation)
2.         Drug intelligence and surveillance
The deadline for applications under this funding opportunity is March 23.

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