Saturday, October 31, 2015

Marshals Task Force Arrest Top Ten Most Wanted Hiding in Tunnel

San Juan, PR - Today the U.S. Marshals Puerto Rico Violent Offenders Task Force arrested a federal fugitive by the name of Rafael Delgado Cirilo in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Delgado Cirilo was featured as one of the PRVOTF top ten most wanted in Puerto Rico pending Federal and State charges pending murder, weapon possessions and drug charges.

Confidential information was developed by members of the PRVOTF which lead them to an address where he is been hiding as a fugitive. After making entry into the property members of the team encountered a pit bull dog, which had to be removed from the house. After clearing the property there was no sign of Delgado Cirilo. Members of the entry team noticed what appeared to be tile on the floor not matching the rest of the floor. The tile was removed off the floor by force which revealed a tunnel that lead to an underground room. Members of the PRVOTF called out Delgado Cirilo’s name which he answered and complied with officer verbal commands. Upon following instructions the subject complied and placed under arrest without incident.

At the time of the arrest a significant amount of marihuana and cash was sized by the Puerto Rico Police Department.

Several agencies assisted the PRVOTF which included the Puerto Rico Police Department, The PRPD San Juan Strike Force, PRPD Special Arrest Unit and the PRPD K-9 unit.

The Puerto Rico U.S. Marshals Violent Offenders Task Force is comprised of investigators from the U.S. Marshals Service, the Puerto Rico Police Department, the San Juan Municipal Police, the Puerto Rico Department of Corrections, the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Service and the Puerto Rico State Marshals.

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