Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fold-down Trunk Tray System

Last week, Havis Inc. announced the industry’s first Fold-down Trunk Tray System that provides users with a mounting surface for equipment while maximizing the remaining trunk space.

A properly organized trunk with the Fold-down Trunk Tray System offers many benefits to mobile workers, including:

  • Secure mounting space to prevent damage to laptops, communication devices and other expensive equipment
  • Quick and easy access to this necessary equipment
  • Minimizing clutter to help mobile workers keep track of their tools
  • Freeing up additional cab space in the vehicle
The below press release expands on how the new Havis Fold-down Trunk Tray System improves safety and convenience for mobile workers, as many new vehicle models now offer less interior space for this increasing amount of technology.

If you are interested in covering this release, please let me know.  Please also feel free to visit the Havis website (, our Facebook page (, or our Twitter page ( for more information.

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