Monday, February 27, 2012

FBI and Laredo Police Announce “Bandit Shield” Crime Initiative

LAREDO, TX—Armando Fernandez, Special Agent in Charge of the San Antonio Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), whose territory includes Laredo, TX, and regional law enforcement, announce the implementation of a new regional crime reduction venture, “The Bandit Shield Initiative.”

The Bandit Shield Initiative was developed to reduce bank robberies, and to assist local, state, and federal law enforcement with their robbery investigations. Financial institutions participating in the Bandit Shield Initiative have agreed to implement a variety of “best practices” and other security measures developed to deter robberies in an effort to assist law enforcement. Additionally, participating financial institutions have undertaken other innovative steps as part of this initiative to make their institutions unattractive targets for would-be robbers. Banking institutions in compliance with the Bandit Shield Initiative will be provided with Bandit Shield decals to be affixed to the institution’s doors. Initially, the Bandit Shield Initiative will be implemented in the FBI’s San Antonio Division territory, and it will be considered for broader participation at a later time.

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