Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tennessee Man Sentenced to 11 Years in Federal Prison for Madison Bank Robbery

Accomplice Who Served as Get-Away Driver Pleads Guilty

MADISON, WI—John W. Vaudreuil, United States Attorney for the Western District of Wisconsin, announced that Gregory Allen, 28, Memphis, Tenn., was sentenced on August 13, 2010, by U.S. District Judge Barbara B. Crabb to 11 years in federal prison for robbing the Anchor Bank on Raymond Road in Madison on February 9, 2010. Gregory Allen pleaded guilty to the bank robbery charge on May 18.

Jennifer DeBoef, 34, Poynette, Wisconsin, an accomplice in the robbery who served as the get-away driver, pleaded guilty to the bank robbery charge on Thursday, August 12 and is scheduled for sentencing on October 19.

The evidence at the guilty plea hearings established that Gregory Allen was the lone robber who entered Anchor Bank on the morning of February 9. He jumped over the teller counter and stuffed cash from two teller drawers into a bag, while armed with a pellet gun that looked like a handgun to bank employees.

After Gregory Allen left the bank, a dye pack contained within the money detonated, staining the money. Allen fled in the car driven by DeBoef. DeBoef admitted that she drove Allen from the scene of the robbery and later used some of the proceeds of the robbery at a Portage Walmart with her boyfriend Raymond Allen, brother of Gregory Allen. Walmart managers notified police of the use of dye-stained money.

Further investigation led police to DeBoef’s residence in Poynette, where DeBoef, Gregory Allen and Raymond Allen were apprehended in possession of nearly all of the bank robbery proceeds. Raymond Allen, 39, Poynette, pleaded guilty on May 14 to a charge of concealing and disposing of money stolen from a bank.

Jennifer DeBoef faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in federal prison for her conviction of aiding and abetting the robbery. Raymond Allen is scheduled to be sentenced on August 31, 2010, and he faces a maximum penalty of 10 years for his role in helping to conceal the money.

The charges against these three individuals are the result of an investigation conducted by the Madison Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Columbia County Sheriff’s Department, Poynette Police Department, and Portage Police Department. The prosecution of this case is being handled by Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert A. Anderson.

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