Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fugitive's Run Comes to an End After Nearly 12 Years

Sioux City, IA – A fugitive who fled after violating conditions of his pre-trial release was arrested Friday by the Pacific Northwest Violent Offender Task Force in Tacoma Washington.

Somsock Senlouangrat, age 45 was released Sep. 14, 2003, on pre-trial release pending his trial after being arrested for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, and possession of a firearm in furtherance of drug trafficking. Senlouangrat was being supervised by a United States Probation Officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he resided until November of 2003 when he stopped contacting his probation officer. A warrant was issued for Senlouangrat in December of 2003; however there was no trace of Senlouangrat and very few leads to follow.

Senlouangrat continued to go undetected until 2014 when Deputy United States Marshal Brandon Johnson found a link to Senlouangrat in the Tacoma Washington area, which eventually led to the arrest of Senlouangrat last Friday.

“I cannot say enough about the outstanding and diligent investigation conducted by Deputy Johnson in an effort to locate Senlouangrat; it exemplifies the high standards set by Deputy United States Marshals” said United States Marshal Kenneth Runde.

The Marshals Service assumes custody of individuals arrested by all federal agencies and is responsible for the housing and transportation of prisoners from the time they are brought into federal custody until they are either acquitted or incarcerated.

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