Thursday, September 06, 2012

FBI Seeks Assistance Locating Serial Bank Robber

Suspect Nicknamed the Haggler Bandit

An unidentified male bank robber has been linked to three bank robberies and two attempted bank robberies in the past week; four of the incidents occurred in the past day. The Haggler Bandit is described as an unidentified black male, 5’8” and 6’0” tall, 150-170 lbs., and anywhere from in his late 20s to 40 years of age. The suspect was given the nickname “Haggler Bandit” based on the fact that victim tellers described him as having “haggled” to some extent over the amount of money he expected to receive based on his demand for cash. The suspect passes a note to the victim teller during the robberies. During today’s (August 31, 2012) attempted robbery, the suspect verbally threatened a weapon.

This case is being investigated by the Pasadena Police Department, the Monrovia Police Department, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the FBI. Anyone with information as to the identity of the Haggler Bandit should contact one of these agencies or dial 911. In southern California, the FBI may be reached 24 hours a day at 888-CANT-HIDE (888-226-8443).

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