Sunday, December 02, 2007

Law Enforcement Response to Bio-Hazards

I wrote this short article in hopes of creating the importance of Bio Hazards. Generally the Police officer is the first responder to an emergency, like homicides, robbery or simple DUI offenses. In any scenario, the police officer must be alert to potential hazardous areas or people infected with a potentially infectious disease. These diseases can be Hepatitis B, HIV or TB, they are found in bodily fluids, blood, or on other items present.

Over 300,000 caretakers are infected each year from contact with infectious disease carriers or from improper handling procedures. Needle sticks is a major contributor to accidents and from drug interdictions. Needles should always be capped after use and destroyed properly. All needles should never be used twice. Proper hand wear, heavy duty gloves is a must when handling anything that may be potentially infectious or sharp, and protects against saturation and moisture of any kind.

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