Monday, December 26, 2005

Police Technology updates instructional aides

(San Dimas, CA) On Monday, December 26, 2005, Hi Tech Criminal Justice launched several new instructional aides for the text book, “Police Technology (Prentice Hall, July 2004).” First, the text book is supported by a forum at Each section of the book has its own category for discussion. Students can post questions about Basics and Theory, Tactical Technologies, Strategic Technologies and the Management of Technology.

The author, Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.), MPA said, “Just as technology is changing at a rapid pace we have to stay on top of the instructional options.” Foster added that in addition to his work moderating the forum, “several Criminal Justice Experts have agreed to work, as moderators.” Because there are a number of experts moderating the board, students will have the ability to receive input from a number of experts, specifically about technology and also, about criminal justice, in general.

The second group of expanded instruction aides consists of new PowerPoint presentations. While the book Police Technology was published with a complete instructor’s manual, test item file and a PowerPoint presentation for each chapter, new PowerPoint presentations have been added to enhance education. These new presentations concern decision making in public management, criminal investigations, uniformed patrol and cross-cultural communications. All PowerPoint presentations are available in the Instructor’s Resource area of the companion website to Police Technology.

Foster noted that the PowerPoint presentations being released for use in Police Technology classes were developed during the research phase of an upcoming text book: An Introduction to Policing: From NYPD to LAPD. Foster, said, “There is some cross over on subjects within any field,” Foster added, “As we were writing NYPD to LAPD, some of the work was a natural add-on for the technology courses.”

Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster, LAPD, (ret.), MPA can be reached via email at or on the Criminal Justice Forum. His full CV can be accessed at Criminal Justice Profiles.

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