Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Democrats decision to Disband Criminal Justice Commission Puzzling

The recent decision by the Democrats at the Colorado State Capitol to disband the state's criminal justice commission is a major setback for the progress made towards justice reform in the state. This commission, which was created in 2013, was credited with implementing significant changes in the criminal justice system, including reforms aimed at reducing incarceration rates, addressing racial disparities, and improving police practices. Its dissolution, therefore, is not only a step backward for the state but also a concerning trend for justice reform nationwide.

The Democrats' decision to disband the commission is puzzling, especially considering that it was established by their party back in 2013. While they claim that its functions have been integrated into other state departments, the reality is that the commission provided a much-needed focus on criminal justice issues, ensuring that these important reforms remain a priority. Furthermore, the disbandment decision was made without input from the criminal justice community or the general public, further highlighting a lack of transparency and accountability.

The importance of criminal justice reform cannot be overstated. The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and the justice system has long been criticized for its racial biases and unjust practices. The reforms implemented by the criminal justice commission in Colorado were a significant step towards addressing these issues and promoting fairness and equality in the system. Disbanding the commission without a clear plan for maintaining this progress is a disservice to those who have fought tirelessly for reform and to the communities impacted by these issues.

It is essential that we prioritize justice reform in our country, and the dissolution of the criminal justice commission in Colorado sends the wrong message. We urge the Democrats at the Colorado State Capitol to reconsider this decision and work towards ensuring that justice remains a priority in the state. We also call on other states to take note of this development and to remain vigilant in their pursuit of justice reform, even when it may be politically challenging. Only through sustained efforts can we hope to create a fair and just society for all.

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