Saturday, March 16, 2019

Notes From the Field: Reducing Traffic Fatalities With Evidence-Based Practices

The National Institute of Justice Notes From the Field presents lessons learned by law enforcement executives and other on-the-ground leaders, from years of experience and thinking deeply about law enforcement issues. Two recent Notes From the Field share law enforcement and correctional practitioner perspectives on how evidence is being used to reduce traffic fatalities.

Sgt. James Williams with the Metro Nashville Police Department discusses how his agency is generating data to develop traffic intervention strategies to reduce car crashes and their associated harms, implementing a High Visibility Enforcement campaign.

Read: Using Data to Drive Down Traffic Fatalities or go to:

Capt. Ken Clary, Iowa State Patrol, outlines an evidence-based, proactive strategy of identifying law enforcement activities that deter and prevent fatal accidents that is working to save lives in rural communities.
Read: Employing Evidence to Combat Everyday Tragedy or go to:

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