Friday, January 13, 2017

New Solicitation: Comprehensive School Safety Initiative

NIJ is soliciting applications for CSSI funding in five categories. The first three categories are focused on developing knowledge about what works to make schools safe using a tiered evidence approach. The tiered evidence framework is based on a continuum of evidence that builds from early stage evaluations of innovative programs to highly rigorous evaluations of programs that are ready to scale-up. Increasing amounts of funding are awarded to programs of research according to their level of evidence effectiveness. In recent years, multiple federal grant making agencies (e.g., Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Labor) have used tiered evidence frameworks to build increasingly rigorous evidence on the effectiveness of youth programs.

The three categories focused on developing knowledge through this tiered evidence approach are:
           Developing Novel and Innovative School Safety Programs, Practices, and Strategies
           Demonstration, Evaluation and Validation Tests for School Safety
           Expanding the use of Effective Interventions through Scaling-up

This solicitation will also include funding categories to support research on causes and consequences of school safety issues as well as assessments of school safety issues in tribal communities.
           Research on School Safety
           Understanding School Safety in Tribal Schools

Applications should feature close coordination involving state education agencies (SEAs) or local education agencies (LEAs) (including public charter schools that are recognized as LEAs) and a researcher or research organization that has considerable experience conducting research and evaluation, preferably, in school settings. NIJ recommends that the research organization serve as the applicant and make one or more subawards to participating SEAs or LEAs.

The deadline for applications under this funding opportunity is March 24.

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